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The Weather

Desert, Pustynia
The UAE sits on the edge of one of the hottest deserts on the Planet. It barely rains, is nearly always sunny, and the landscape tells that story.
There are two common misconceptions of people have who have never been there:
Myth 1: It’s Always HOT in the desert!!!

Debunked. For about half the year the weather is spectacular. Mid-winter (January) averages a sunny and dry 25°C daytime temperature and this trends upward at either end of the tourist season which runs from November and April, when you get temperatures toward the mid 30’s. The humidity in this time of year is also pleasant making the Emirates perfect for a thriving outdoor scene of sporting activities, street life, outdoor bars and venues, water sports, walks, hiking trails and much more. Nights are typically around 10°C cooler than daytime, and both day and night temperatures are incredibly consistent, with very little variation from day to day. 

So, the ideal time to visit the Emirates is between November and April to make the most of its many outdoor offerings. However, the country is fully equipped to withstand the heat of the summer months with all hotels, malls, and venues well air conditioned. You can still have an amazing time all year round in the many indoor activities and theme parks the country has to offer.
Mountains, Góry
It rarely rains, and if it does, it rarely stays around for more than a day or two and is often the result of cloud seeding schemes carried out by the government. Rainfall and thunderstorms are infrequent, primarily appearing in the winter months. Snowfall was recorded in the elevated regions of Ras Al Khaimah in December 2004, January 2009, and February 2017. At Jebel Jais, the UAE's tallest mountain, temperatures have plunged to as low as −5°C
Snow, Śnieg
Curly tales
Temperature UAE, Temperatura w ZEA
Myth 2: Summer heat is fine, as long as you have a Pool or beach nearby.
Debunked. If you have not experienced extreme heat, you can be fooled into taking advantage of the mid-summer deals in the UAE, to catch up on some welcome rays of sun. The truth can be a shock to many. Coupled with the humidity which increases from May through to August, the heat in the UAE is a confronting physical presence. Walking outside can feel like you are walking into an oven, and on days of high humidity which are many in July and August, it can be unbearable. The Gulf is like a bath with water temperatures only slightly below body temperature, and sand too hot to walk on. While most pools are chilled, they are still frequently empty in the fiercest months of the year from June to August. Still, it’s a good time to pick up cheap deals to the water parks and theme parks, if you think you can brave the heat.
UAE Rainfall & Humidity, ZEA opady i wilgotność
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